2015 Philippine Summer Hosting Program

2015 Philippine Summer Hosting Program

Have you considered adopting an older child or sibling group? If you are considering the adoption of a child between 7 and 15 years old, then the Philippines Summer Hosting Program directed by Hand In Hand International Adoptions might interest you. Many of the children who are hosted are waiting simply because of their older age or status as part of a larger sibling group. Hand In Hand has a 98% success rate for placement of hosted children over the years.

Currently Hand In Hand is looking for host families for the children listed below. Family profiles must be submitted to the Philippines by April 20, 2015. Further details about the Philippines summer hosting program are available on Hand In Hand’s website and waiting child advocacy blog:



Contact Hand In Hand at Indiana@hihiadopt.org or 260-636-3566 for more information, and for full files and pictures for the children. It is also possible to submit a request to host other children who are on the longer shared list, available on Hand In Hand’s website. 

Hand In Hand Summer Hosting List

Sibling Group A 

JG, Male, July 21, 1999

GG, Female, April 25, 2002

JG, Male, January 4, 2004

JRG, Male, July 25, 2005

JRG, Male, June 10, 2008

The children came into care in 2011; they are half-orphans, and remaining relatives are unable to care for them. They are currently in a Catholic institution run by religious sisters.

A: Male, DOB July 21, 1999: Child A stays in the same dormitory as his two younger brothers. He is responsible and caring for his younger siblings. He adjusted easily to life at the institution, and performs his duties at the dormitory. He has completed grade 3 and regularly attends school, and is diligent, attentive and participative in class. He has not complained about being the oldest child in the class even though he had started school at a later age. He is generally happy, healthy and active, playful and friendly. He performs his duties with less supervision, but sometimes shows stubbornness. He likes to play basketball and football, and he is interested in art, music, reading books, and storytelling. He joins in sports and dance presentations. He has a stutter that has improved with speech therapy.

B: Female DOB April 25, 2002: Child B is healthy, active and bright. She is friendly, outgoing and playful, and does her duties with less supervision. She is good at dancing and participates in various activities at the institution. She is in Grade 4 at a private school, and has good marks, and is noted to tell the truth and act simply and honestly. She is very anxious to have a family and often asks if a family is coming for her and her siblings.

C: Male, DOB January 4, 2004: Child C is in Grade 3. He is noted to be diligent and participative in class, but did not accomplish homework and projects on time, so his marks are fair. He is a healthy and active child with a small build. He is well-adjusted to life in the dormitory, and does his tasks with less supervision. He is independent in self-care, even doing his own laundry without supervision. He enjoys outdoor games. He answers back or reasons out when reprimanded. He is a sensitive child and does not like to be teased by his peers.

D: Male, DOB July 25, 2005: Child D has finished Grade 1 with good marks, and was enrolled in Grade 2. In Grade 2, he manifested disruptive behaviors, and was sent for home study. When he realized that he was left out of school, he promised to behave better, went back to school for the final two quarters and finished with fair grades. He will be promoted to Grade 3. He is healthy and active, not picky about foods, and sleeps well. He does simple tasks around the dormitory, and enjoys participating in activities. He loves to dance and participate in games. He is an active altar server.

E: Male, DOB June 10, 2008: Child E is healthy and energetic. He can follow simple dance steps, pedal a tricycle and copy numbers and letters. He can take care of most of his self-care without assistance. His language development and social skills are properly developed. He is friendly and outgoing, but timid and quiet during activities. He likes to play with his peers, and he can sing nursery rhymes.

A Hand In Hand family who adopted two friends of these children through the 2011 and 2013 hosting programs met this sibling group when they were in the Philippines. They are willing to share their experiences with interested families.

Sibling Group B

AC, Female October 6, 2000
AC, Female, November 4, 2001
MC, Male, November 23, 2002

Child A is a Grade 6 pupil in the center’s home-school program. She can read and comprehend Filipino and English words. She is able to accomplish her school works and assignments on time. She can study independently but needs assistance in Math, Filipino and Social studies. She loves colorful clothes and likes to look pretty. She is friendly and can communicate her feelings clearly. She loves to play the drums and plays regularly during the Church service. She also performs in different occasions in the center.

Child B is described as patient, loving and kind. She appreciates simple things and is always thankful of the blessing she receives. She can attend to her personal needs and maintains her hygiene. She is a Grade 5 pupil in the center’s home-school program and is reported to be improving in her academics. She can read and comprehend Filipino and English words and has a legible handwriting.

Child C is a Grade IV pupil in a public school. His caregivers observed that the pressure of home school triggered him to act defiantly and throw tantrums. His enrollment in the public school aims to help him become sociable and lessen his high expectation of himself. He has learned to control his emotions, has become more confident. He enjoys playing basketball, soccer, biking and jumping in the trampoline.

Sibling Group C

EP, Male, September 3, 2001

EJP, Male, February 23, 2003

JP, Male, October 13, 2004

Child A: He is now 14 years old. He is a healthy child. He is currently enrolled as Grade 5 level. He has difficulty in Mathematics subject but shows improvement in his studies. He has good relationship with other children. He is responsible with his belongings. He understands instruction but sometimes doesn’t want to follow instructions.

Child B: He is now 11 years old. He is a healthy child. He displays positive attitude towards his studies. He can work independently and receives honor in school. He is responsible to his assigned tasks at the center. He can express himself and shares his feelings to the caregivers and staff. He is respectful.

 Child C: He is now 10 years old. He is a healthy child. He is described as sweet and friendly in school and even at the center. He has good relationship with the other children. He is responsible to his assigned tasks and enjoy spending time with his brothers.

Sibling Group D: Matched

Sibling Group E

ML, Male, May 15, 2000
JL, Male, August 13, 2002
Child A is a grade 5 pupil in a public school. According to his teacher, child is diligent and responsible. He behaves in the class and regularly attends his class. He is one of the top 10 in their class. He is also part of the soccer trainings that is being provided by the center. Child has a good sibling relationship with his brother. 

Child B is a grade 4 pupil in a public school. According to teacher, the child is starting to give importance to his lesson. Though he sometimes does not finish his seatwork on time, but he makes sure he submits. 

Child F

JRD, Male, January 19, 2000

Male, DOB January 19, 2000, Ref. No.: 8674 (11-0366)

This child has been in care since infancy. He likes to be hugged by his caregivers. He frequently asks about his adoption and is longing to have a family of his own. He has difficulty in coping with his studies, thus the nuns who are his caregivers are providing him with tutorials. He is observed to be friendly but sensitive to teasing.

Child G

JBP, Male, April 28, 2001

J is a playful, caring, and talkative child. He generally gets along will the other children, and enjoys playing ball games and sharing jokes. He is talented, and likes to point, draw and dance. He has a good relationship with his caretakers, and seldom gets in conflicts. When he has not followed the rules, he apologizes and complies with consequences when he is corrected. He does his chores without supervision. He is in the sixth grade, and actively participates in class, but he needs tutoring for math.  He is eager to have a family, especially since attending a winter hosting program in the USA in 2013.

Sibling Group H: Matched

Sibling Group I

MCP,  August 11, 2003   
JP, April April 27 2005 
JmP, September 27, 2006   
JcP, November 10, 2009

Child A is healthy and cheerful child. She loves singing, dancing, reading books and drawing. At school, she copes well with the lessons. She adores and has good relationship with her younger siblings. She helps with the household chores in the center.

Child B is competitive and determined to have high grades in school. He gets frustrated when he has low scores in tests but tries harder to catch up. In the center, he has close relationship with his two brothers and oldest sister. He loves riding a bike and flying a kite. His psychological report indicated that his mental ability is within the average range.

Child C is obedient, fun, helpful, and loving. He loves receiving compliments from others with regards to his accomplishments. He liked riding a bike, playing ball games, and running. He loves picking fruit with his brothers. He has high expectations in school and easily gets frustrated when getting low scores. Thus, he is guided by the teachers and caregivers about this matter. Based from the psychological report, he was assessed to have average mental ability.

Child D is sociable, alert, and spontaneous child. He was assessed to have Communication Disorder and recommended to undergo speech therapy. Child can now follow simple instructions and daily routines in the center. He is attending a Kindergarten class. He knows how to count and sing the alphabet.

Sibling Group J: Matched

Sibling Group K: Matched

Child L:

KF, Female, DOB September 28, 2001

The child is happy to go to school, and enjoys science, math, and English. She has earned many awards at school, including Most Polite and “Most Diligent.” She would like to play the guitar and drums someday, and she loves to sing. She has a history of physical abuse, but has recovered well, and shows empathy and concern for others. She gets along well with other children, and takes on the big sister role with the other children. She is looking forward to having a family through adoption.

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