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Florida Foster Care Review promotes the safety, well-being and long-term success of abused and neglected children through volunteer-driven case reviews and system level advocacy.

Florida Foster Care Review envisions a child welfare system that protects, heals and supports success for children, youth and young adults and their families.

To achieve its mission, Florida Foster Care Review (FFCR) recruits, trains and supervises volunteers who participate in monthly Citizen Review Panels that review cases of youth in foster care to ensure they are safe and receiving needed services. The panels submit recommendations to the Juvenile Dependency Court, which then become binding judicial orders. Together with child welfare professionals, FFCR also works to ensure that children and youth leaving the foster care system have someone they can call family. Through all its programs, FFCR not only promotes positive results at the individual level, but also tracks and analyzes outcomes in order to advocate for system changes that improve children’s lives.


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