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Founded in 1998, ECAS is a non-profit 501(c)(3) Minnesota licensed adoption agency. We are one of the first American international adoption agencies to be granted full Hague Accreditation in 2008.   Our experienced and compassionate staff has successfully united hundreds of orphan children with loving American families. 

In January 2015, ECAS went through a name change from European Children Adoption Services to Embracing Children Adoption Services so to better reflect the mission of finding families for children from many different countries around the world as well as domestically.  ECAS now has direct placement programs in Ukraine,  Bulgaria, Sierra Leone and Uganda. ECAS has a strategic partnership agreement with New Beginnings Family and Children's Services in NY for placement for their China program.  ECAS also assists with Relative adoptions.

We offer one of the least expensive quality Hague homestudy in Minnesota with experienced social workers.

ECAS can place a child in any state in the US as well as with US citizens abroad. We can offer home study services through our partners in the following states: NY, NJ, PA and FL.

With over 100 years of combined experience, our social workers are dedicated to fulfilling the dreams of qualified American families who long to parent an orphan from another country.  Our team in the U.S. and abroad will assist and guide you through every step of the adoption journey while providing personal support and individual attention to your specific needs. 

All of our experienced and compassionate social workers have adopted internationally, they understand the process first hand and will walk alongside you throughout the entire adoption journey and beyond. 

Our caring team would be honored to have the opportunity to be your partner in adoption.


Placing children with families in all 50 states of the USA.


Direct homestudy services provided to families living in the following states. Families living in other states will be referred to a Hague-Approved, licensed homestudy-provider in your state of residence.

Hosting Services

“Journey of Hope” - Orphan Hosting Program

Thousands of children pass through the orphanage system in Eastern Europe each year with little chance for these children to have a permanent family after they reach school age. Please consider to open your heart and your home to an orphan child that needs a family. Take the first step…


Embracing Children Adoption Services (ECAS) is working in partnership with a charity foundation in Ukraine to bring school age orphan children from Ukraine to the U.S. for 2-3 weeks during winter school break and for 3-6 weeks during summer school break. Most of the children participating in JOH are 8 - 13 years old. All participants are selected by their orphanage directors are generally healthy and well adjusted. A photo and a profile of each child are provided to host families. A summary of each child’s health is also may be available upon their arrival in the USA. Some of the children have no siblings, other children will be traveling with their siblings or may have younger sibling that will not be allowed to participate in JOH due to their young age. The participants do not speak English.  The dates for the trip are finalized after all participants of the program are matched with host families and all necessary travel documents and airplane tickets are obtained.

Our hope is that the children will spend fun filled school holidays with host families, enjoy family life, make new friends and may be have a first experience in a positive family setting. The life of these children can be impacted greatly by their time with your family. You will have an opportunity to share your values and beliefs as well as offer an orphan child a glance of a nurturing family environment. It is not only a learning experience for the orphan children, but also for host families and their children. Many families that hosted children in the past continue long term relationships with the children they hosted through correspondence and visits.


Although adoption is not the objective of this program, for many host families and their friends JOH has opened the door to adoption of the children they hosted or other orphan children they met through this program. Since 2003 hundreds of JOH participants have been eventually adopted by American families they have met during their visit to the USA. Most of the JOH participants are legally available or will become available for adoption.  However, there is always a small risk that a child could become unavailable for inter-country adoption. 

All of the children must return to their home country at the program’s conclusion in accordance to an agreement between the sending organization in Ukraine and receiving organization in the U.S. Authorities from both countries do not permit children that are participating in these programs to remain in the United States even if the host family may express their hope to adopt children they have hosted.  If host family would express their hope to adopt children they have hosted the family is advised to submit an application to our agency in order to start the adoption process.


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Direct hosting services provided to families living in the following states.

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