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All Blessings International is a Christian, non-profit organization and Hague accredited adoption agency that believes in the innate worth of every individual child and seeks to assist the children of the world by helping build families through adoption and providing humanitarian aid to children in need.

International Adoption:
ABI offers international adoption programs in Burkina Faso, China, Haiti, Hong Kong, Latvia, and Taiwan. We provide home study services for Indiana,  Kentucky, Missouri and Tennesse adoption home study services from any country and a network program open to IN, KY,  MO and TN families for adoptions from Korea.

Domestic Adoption:
ABI offers domestic adoption services for families wishing to adopt an infant born within the United States.

Adoption Homestudies:
All Blessings International is fully licensed to perform adoption home studies for domestic adoption,international adoption, and foster care licensing in IN, KY, MO and TN. Our adoption home study services are affordable, prompt, and focused on education and preparation for your whole family. Residents of our licensed states may contact the respective office located in each individual state.


Placing children with families in all 50 states of the USA.


Direct homestudy services provided to families living in the following states. Families living in other states will be referred to a Hague-Approved, licensed homestudy-provider in your state of residence.

Please finish your family profile to inquire.

In order to better serve families, adoption agencies, and waiting children we ask that you take time to complete your family profile before inquiring.

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