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  Written by Tessa Wolff, Adoptive Parent through CH/LSS on 19 Nov 2018

Why did we choose to adopt? This was a question we got A LOT when we started telling people we were in the process of adopting a child.

The question that usually immediately followed, both said and unsaid, was “Why adopt if you’re able to have biological children?” It’s a valid question.

Adoption has always been on our hearts. We’ve always known (hoped) that adoption would be one of the ways we would grow our family. When our oldest daughter was 18 months, we decided we were ready to start thinking about adding another child to our family.

Yes, adoption can be expensive, but have you ever seen a hospital bill? Yes, the adoption process is incredibly hard and stressful, but so is being pregnant! Yes, there are so many unknowns adopting a child, especially in regards to their health. But growing a child has the same risks and unknowns. All of these questions went through our minds. Knowing that there are millions of kids out in the world who need loving homes and knowing we have the love and resources to provide that, made the decision to adopt an easy one.

Here are just some of the countless reasons to adopt a child!

     1. There are millions of kids who need homes.

     2. You have a safe and loving home to provide.

     3. You feel called to adoption.

     4. You know of a child in need who you could help.

     5. You have faced infertility, medical issues or genetic concerns.

     6. You're a single parent or same-sex couple.

     7. You want an older child, not an infant.

     8. You specifically want a boy or girl.

     9. You are familiar with a special need and want to parent a child using your knowledge and skills.

     10. You were adopted and would like to share that adoption connection with your children.

     11. You want to support birth families who aren't equipped to raise a child.

     12. You have a special connection to a certain country.

     13. You want to grow your family but do not want to add to population growth.

     14. You place importance on having a multicultural family.

     15. You are excited about sharing first moments with a child.

If adoption is on your heart, I encourage you to explore that. Just take one step towards finding out more information. CH/LSS is a fantastic resource for just gathering more information. Adopting Priya has been life changing, for us and for her.

However you choose to grow your family is amazing, but I promise you that adoption is an incredible journey that will fill your life with joy and fulfillment.

About the Author: Tessa Wolff lives with her husband, Charlie, and daughters Louise and Priya in Golden Valley, MN. She is a Sales Executive, crossfitter, adoption advocate, donut-connoisseur, and avid reader. You can follow her on Instagram.




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