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Why Do I Need a Primary Provider to Adopt My Mexican Relative?

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  Written by Nicole Skellenger, JD on 25 Jul 2015

Some of the most frequent inquiries we receive about our Mexico international adoption program are from individuals and attorneys with questions about adopting relatives from Mexico. Families looking to begin the adoption process and even for those who have Mexican adoption decrees must still go through the same international adoption process as non-relatives. It may be possible for these families to bring their relatives home through international adoption, but they will need to go through the home study, immigration, dossier and visa process, the same as for a non-relative adoption.

Understandably, family members of Mexican children in need of adoption and their attorneys may be confused or concerned by this process. Relatives want this process to be an easier one. However, as the laws stand today, family members wishing to adopt internationally from Mexico must comply with what is required by Hague regulations in the US and Mexico. One such requirement is that the US citizen prospective adoptive parent must work with an adoption agency as their primary provider. In all international adoptions, including relative adoptions, US citizen adoptive parents must work with a Hague Accredited or Hague Approved primary provider authorized to provide services by the US State Department.

Further, in countries like Mexico, the adoptive parent may only work with adoption agencies that are authorized by the country where the child resides. The adoption authority in Mexico has only authorized 12 adoption agencies to provide adoption services in Mexico. Families seeking to adopt from Mexico, including those seeking to adopt relatives, will need to work with one of these 12 agencies. MLJ Adoptions is one of the authorized agencies working in Mexico.

Prior to 2008, individual attorneys could assist in Mexican relative adoptions. However, now these families will require the assistance of an adoption agency. MLJ Adoptions is a Hague Approved adoption agency, authorized to provide adoption services in Mexico and also has attorneys on staff. It is a benefit to families adopting relatives from Mexico to work with an adoption agency that focuses on both the social aspects and legal aspects of adoption. We are happy to explore with you your options for adopting a relative from Mexico.



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