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Urgent! Twin Brothers Need a Family: Grants Available for Eligible Families

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  Written by Julie Barclay on 08 Jan 2016

UPDATE 1/15/16: We are thrilled to announce a family has been found for these handsome young men. Thank you to everyone who pressed the send button and adovocated for them.  We could not have done it without you!

Double the giggles. Double the grins. Double the trouble. When you are blessed with twins.

We have been asked to make a special appeal for these two precious brothers (RainbowKids ID # 27885) born in August of 2013. In one week their file will be returned and the networking and advocacy for them will greatly diminish if not stall completely.   Please SHARE, spread the word.  Let's not make these little guys wait any longer for a forever family! 

Eligible families may qualify for a grant through CH/LSS and Brittany’s Hope Foundation in addition to a $5,000 Child-Specific grant.

The bond between these two is tight.  They will play together for a long time and are always full of hugs and kisses for one another.  Worried about two brothers sharing?  Not a problem!  They share their food and toys and help one another when others are not sharing.

The brother on the right side is the younger of the two.  He can walk alone but has a slight gait and limited mobility with his right arm. He can repeat simple words, follow two step commands and can easily sit on his own. His caregivers describe him as an active and honest little boy who loves sports, listening to music, being outdoors and playing hide-and-seek.

Known as clever and handsome, the older brother on the left has speech and motor delays. He can say a few words, follow commands, bang blocks together and can turn the pages of books. He loves to be in the activity room to throw balls, ride on the wooden horse, and play with others.

Please consider these incredible little guys as part of your family.  Double your giggles. Double your grins. Even double your trouble...because it will all be worth it with twins! If now is not the right time for you please SHARE!

For more information please contact Lisa Trinh





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