Urgent! Domestic Adoption for Newborn with Significant Special Needs

Urgent! Domestic Adoption for Newborn with Significant Special Needs

UPDATE 10/30/17:  Baby Boy has a family! Thank you to all who advocated and shared his story! 

Baby Boy was born 9/23/17 at a hospital in Indiana and has been at Children's Hospital since.  He has hypoplastic left heart syndrome, a congenital defect.  The next few months are tenuous for him. With every passing day he grows stronger. It is very important that his new family live somewhat near a major children's hospital, as his condition will need very specialized care. 

He will be in the NICU for several more weeks at least. Potential parents will need extensive training on his monitoring and needs.  He will have a G-tube but could possibly be weaned off as he approaches school age.  Parents will most likely be in contact with a nurse practitioner on a daily basis. He will require PT, OT, speech therapy and frequent follow-up appointments. 

This is a domestic adoption 

Although he will be limited intellectually and physically, it is hopeful that he will be able to finish school, obtain employment and live independently as an adult. 

His birth parents would like to have a somewhat open adoption and would like pictures and updates about him, with possible visits. 

Please, take a moment. Pray. Reflect. Consider if Baby Boy could be your son.

If you have any questions or would be interested in adopting Baby Boy please contact Meg Sterchi, Adoptions of Indiana (317) 574-8950.

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