Urgent Advocacy Needed: The Layers of Loss in an Orphan

Urgent Advocacy Needed: The Layers of Loss in an Orphan

UPDATE: We are trilled to report that Jess has a family! Thank you to all who helped advocate for her!

The losses an orphan experiences come in many layers.  The loss of parents.  Peel away. The loss of siblings. Peel away. The loss of family.  Peel away. The loss of friends. Peel away.   With each layer removed, exposing the next,  there is a hope that is lost as well.  It shouldn't have to be this way. As advocates, it is our duty to stop the discarding of hope in vulnerable children. We need to stop this peeling away of layer upon layer.  We need to surround these children, advocate for them, lift them up when another layer is lost, wrap our arms around them, show them hope through our advocay. We need to show them they are not left alone to raise themselves in this world. 

Orphan Sunday, a day of reflection and prayer to contemplate what you can do for vulnerable children around the world, will be here soon. Before that day comes along  I want to take a moment to highlight one specific child whose layers of loss have been peeled back to expose the unguarded soul of a child that needs our prayers and advocacy now, TODAY!

Fourteen-year-old Jess (RK# 34479)  is from a Latin American country and like any other teenager in this galaxy, her friends are her world.  Recently things have changed though. Two of her best friends were adopted, leaving this trio of girlfriends down to only one. This loss of friends has had a devastating effect on Jess.  She has lost another layer. 

We have been told by an incountry advocate that Jess is a beautiful,  sweet, kind and loving young lady.  Her only special need is her age.  She desires being part of a family that will show her love, happiness, respect and encourage her to do her best. 

She is an avid runner and in her spare time she enjoys drawing and painting. Oh, and she loves to cook!  Jess is currently learning English and has embraced this new language heart and soul. She loves animals, being outdoors and of course, spending time with friends. 

Could Jess be your daughter? If not, please, consider sharing her story near and far because even if it isn't the right time for you it might be the perfect time for someone you know.  Jess needs our specific advocacy and prayers on this day, a day like every other, a day where we should set aside time to reflect and pray for the most vulnerable children of the world. 

Parent Qualifications:

  • Single men and women and married couples may adopt from this country.
  • Single men may adopt boys who are over 8 years of age
  • Single women may adopt boys or girls who are over 8 years of age or who have a special medical or developmental needs
  • No more than 3 previous marriages per spouse
  • Couples should be married at least 2.5 years for first marriage and 3 years for a second marriage
  • Applicants should be 25 to 60 years of age
  • Psychological Evaluation required

Travel for Adoption: Both parents must travel. One parent may return home after 10 days. The total duration of travel time varies by region at this time. Some adoption may be completed in under 3 weeks total time. Others may take up to 5 weeks.

Please contact Lifeline Children's Services to learn more about bringing Jess into your family through adoption. 

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