Tiny But Mighty: A Poland Adoption Story

Tiny But Mighty: A Poland Adoption Story

There is nothing better then when parents share updated photos of their children with our agency's online group. The adoption journey seems so much easier for parents when they have someone to share the highs and lows of the adoption journey with.

Happily we have come to find that it is the fun times we often see in these online group! Families connect through us. We see vacations planned with these family connections and wonderful photos of those memory making trips.  We see our families going together to Chicago to upkeep their kids’ Polish passports by visiting the Polish Embassy.  

We particularly love it when they share with us before and after adoption photos. Like beautiful Aven!  Aven's  parents brought her home from Poland in 2010.   Almost 6 years later, Aven has grown into a beautiful young lady. This video is a testament to show you the before and after magic of adoption! 

To  Allison and Eric, thank you for persevering through the difficult parts of the adoption process so that you can give this beautiful little girl the loving home she deserves!  God Bless you!

For more information on Aven's story, view Saint Mary's website here: http://www.saintmaryadoption.com/polish-adoption-story-of-aven/

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