Three Weeks to Find Families for Two Boys!

Three Weeks to Find Families for Two Boys!

To make J and ZM's adoption more accessible there is an agency fee reduction plus additional grant opportunities through Brittany's Hope and Children's Home Society of MInnesota Adoption Support Fund. 

If now is not the right time for you, please consider sharing as it may be the perfect time for someone you know to welcome an incredible son into their life. 

This week, Diane from our staff is visiting one of our orphanage partners in Asia. As part of our partnership with this orphanage, we provide certain resources, support and training to the orphanage in exchange for opportunities to work together and become familiar with the needs of their children—all in an effort to strengthen the matching process and better prepare families. We’re very excited about these trips because it gives our staff a chance to meet the children for whom we’re advocating and really get to know them.

Right now we’re advocating for two little boys whom Diane met this week. Diane shared, “both are loved dearly by their caregivers and have very sweet personalities!” We are hopeful that the information Diane is able to share will help two families decide to move forward with adopting these boys as soon as possible. After advocating for these children and spending time with them, it is so hard to think of them waiting longer than they need to. We are especially eager to find dossier-logged in families who are ready to take the next step now.

Meet J

J is a little boy with a lot of energy who was born in April of 2014. Diane shared, “He is a very engaged and happy boy. He loves to play and is very curious.” This toddler can follow commands, run and walk well, say a few words, and can use both of his hands despite his limb difference. His report also indicates that his growth and development are appropriate for his age. You can watch a video of this "silly and bright" cutie now. Please contact Lisa Trinh and reference ID 216-15x for more information! 



Meet ZM

Handsome ZM (RainbowKids ID# 30950) is a shy little boy whom Diane met today. He is a little bit older than J; he was born in June of 2012. Diane noted that he is “quiet but very observant,” always taking in what is going on around him. He is also very organized: he loves to clean, wear clean clothes each day, and help other children in need. But he also enjoys having fun—he was very excited to play with the toys that Diane brought on her visit to the orphanage. ZM seeks out affection from others and has good independent skills. He follows commands, makes good eye contact, answers questions from staff and can put two words together. You can watch a video of this handsome tot taken in Fall 2015 as he follows instructions from his caregiver and talks about colors. You can also see how much he’s grown as he’s continued to wait by watching the video Diane took this week. 

Please contact Lisa Trinh and reference ID 216-16x for more information on ZM! 

Making Adoption More Accessible

We are eager to find families for these boys as soon as possible, and we understand that many families may hesitate due to the expense of adoption. In order to help make it easier for your family to bring one of them home, we can provide families who match with these boys through our program:

  • An agency fee reduction
  • Free consultation with Your Adoption Finance Coach to discuss your financial situation and eligible grants for your family’s specific circumstances
  • Additional grant opportunities through our Adoption Support Fund and Brittany’s Hope

We know this will not offset all of the costs, but we hope it will help a family who is ready to meet the needs of one of these children take the next step.

Take the Next Step

To learn more about either one of these boys, please email and reference their child IDs. To learn more about adopting internationally and the adoptive parent requirements, please visit our site.

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