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These Siblings Should Not Be Separated

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  Written on 04 Apr 2017

An initial barrier in adoption advocacy is the limitation of sharing pictures and videos online per some birth country rules. The truth is any potential parent whose heart is drawn to a specific profile of a child is just a simple added step away from having access to their future child through a private email exchange with the placing agency. The lack of an initial picture should never stop you from persuing a child in urgent need of the loving arms of a family. 

This is the case with Vaughn (RK#35321) and Sarah (RK#35322).

The adoption authority in Sarah and Vaughn's birth country are considering separating the two soon in order to increase their chances of adoption.  Sarah and Vaughn have lost so much in their young lives. Separation would have a catastrophic effect on both tender hearted children. 

Although their birth country does not allow to share pictures and/or videos online, all it will take is a quick email inquiry to Kristen to step into Vaughn and Sarah's world.

Much like many other siblings, they enjoy being around each other, and with the exception of the occasional disagreement, they are inseparable. But that could soon change for these two, because their time is running out. If we don’t find them a home very soon, their chances of staying together will become very slim.

Vaughn and Sarah have already experienced too much loss. They came to the orphanage in 2012, after their mother passed away, and have been living there since.

Vaughn is described as an energetic, happy and helpful 9-year-old. He loves being creative with art and dancing. He is diagnosed with epilepsy and is currently being treated with anti-seizure medication. He has some developmental delays and unclear speech for which he attends special education classes. His teachers report that his writing, numbers and fine motor skills have recently improved, but at times he needs motivation to concentrate on his work.

Sarah is described as a caring and happy 7-year-old. She is kind and helps with the younger children in care. She is reported to be on track developmentally for her age and is learning how to read. Much like her brother, she also likes to dance — and her caregivers say she is quite good!

Please share their story near and far. If now is not the right time for you it might be the perfect time for someone you know to add a son and daughter to their family! Vaughn and Sarah must stay together!

Vaughn and Sarah need a family that is prepared for the challenges of older child adoption and has an understanding of childhood grief and loss. They also need a family that has access to the medical resources that Vaughn will need and the educational resources they will both need to reach their full potential. It also wouldn’t hurt if their family can dance or is at least willing to try!

These two need a home where they can be together and have the care and attention that they need and deserve. 

Contact Kristen today to learn more about Vaughn and Sarah.

Families pursuing Vaughn and Sarah's adoption can apply for Holt's Special Need Adoption Fund Grant.




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