The Impact of the Nepal Earthquake

The Impact of the Nepal Earthquake

Adoption STAR International Adoption Coordinator Meg Montgomery provides some important perspective on natural disasters, international adoption, and ways you can help.

It’s natural for people around the world to be impacted by media coverage of natural disasters. The recent earthquake in Nepal has disrupted the lives of many, destroying homes, schools and separating family and friends. Organizations are now working to provide humanitarian aid to the Nepali victims by providing water, food, shelter and working to reunite those separated from their family. When we listen to these stories and see images of those on the ground there, it can tug at our heartstrings, in particular when it comes to the most vulnerable victims – the children.

It is not uncommon at these times for adoption agencies to get many phone inquiries about adopting children who have been orphaned as a result of such events.

It is likely that many children have been orphaned by Nepal’s deadly earthquake. However, amidst the chaos, what is so important to remember is that we cannot assume that children separated from their family have no living family.

It is in the best interests of children to reunite them with their family if possible, and if not to keep them in their community if feasible. Removing children from their first family and first culture is traumatic and while adoption can provide a family is should be the last resort for any child.

Currently adoptions from Nepal to the U.S. were suspended on August 6, 2010. You might recall an earlier post on adoption from Nepal.

The Hague Convention on Intercountry adoption is very clear in addressing the need for all in-country options to be pursued first prior to considering international adoption as an alternative for any child.

We know that International Adoption can be a successful alternative for children who are truly without parents or family in Nepal, but only after all options have been exhausted.

Adoption STAR provides humanitarian support to children and families in Nepal, Haiti and Hungary. Should you wish to make a donation to one of these efforts, please make your donation to Adoption STAR specifying the country. 100% of your donation will be provided to the country you designate.

For more information on humanitarian aid or international adoption, please contact Meg Montgomery, International Adoption Coordinator at

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