Smiles for Children with Special Needs

Smiles for Children with Special Needs

Sometimes overlooked for the more obvious physical medical concerns while caring for a child with severe special needs, the on-going dental care and the expense involved of a post adopted child can easily blindside a family financially.   

The Humanitarian Foundation is here to help.  They believe that children with special needs should live life as fully and as independently as posssible.  Their extrordinary commmitment to helping alleviate the suffereing and improve a children's quality of life by providing dental care to those who otherwise might go without is commendable.  

The Grottoes of North America is a Masonic organization dedicated to promoting goodfellowship and friendship. Their Humanitarian Foundation brings special smiles to children with special needs by providing them much needed dental care.  The program helps cover the cost of dental treatment, including hospital  and anesthesia costs, when needed.

Who is Eligible

The Dental Care for Children with Special Needs Program is designed for children under 18 with one or more of the following conditions:

  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Muscular Dystrophy
  • Mentally Challenged: for profound to 2 year overall delayed. Documentation from the child's school licensed psychologist, or phusician may be required.
  • Dental Care for Organ Transplant recipients

Medicaid patients are not covered by the program.  The Dental Care for Children with Special Needs Program is the secondary carrier when inusrance is involved and acts as the primary carrier if no insurance is available and covers the maximum allowable fees as determined by the Humanitarian Foundation.

I would just like to say thank you so much for the charitable aid you provided our family. Having a child who has special needs puts a lot of pressure on your family and financial resources. Our son is deaf and significantly delayed in receptive and expressive speech. Despite brushing his teeth all the time, he still got severe cavities! He didn’t understand that the dentist was there to help him. He cried and kicked and the dentist could barely even see inside his mouth to see the extent of the damage. I felt panic when the dentist told me that dental surgery would have to take place under anesthesia and in a hospital. It was even worse when I found out my insurance wouldn’t cover the majority of our bill. The dentist helped me to get your foundation to cover the remaining bills after insurance payment. Thank you so much for providing this very basic service and helping our son have healthy teeth again!
- Lindsay Fernandez-Salvador

How to Apply

The Dental Care for Children with Special Needs Program has representatives from local chapters of the Grottoes of North America who are known as “Drs. of Smiles.” These representatives serve as liasions with the parents, dental offices and hospitals to see that all paperwork is provided and properly completed. They also file the child’s application with the Humanitarian Foundation office for processing. The Dr. of Smiles maintains contact with the parent and dentist throughout the course of the child’s care.

What's Next?

To find the nearest Dr. of Smiles select your state from the drop down menu on HFC's website.  All application forms must be completed and submitted to the local Dr. of Smiles. When no representative is available in the area or state, the case will be processed directly through the national office of the Humanitarian Foundation.

For families raising children who already have plenty of challenges in their everyday lives as it is, the Humanitarian Foundation has stepped in to provide important care for a child's overall health.  Through their diligent work, the Grottoes of the Northwest have gone above and beyond to provide the necessary funds toward the improvement for hundreds of children's oral health. 

Please, visit the Humanitarian Foundation website if you feel you and your child can benefit from their incredible service.

If you are interested in supporting the Dental Care for Children with Special Needs Program please visit their donation center.