Realities of Adoption Webinar

Realities of Adoption Webinar

Do you know that crystal ball that you've wished for so many times? The one that will tell you that the parenting choices that you are making right now will result in your child growing into a kind, productive, stable adult?  Yeah, I can't find it either.

 What I have found, or rather what many experienced-parents of older adoptees and special needs kids have tried/practiced/experienced over the years, is that there really are a group of tools that work with our kids.  There's a piece here, and a therapy there, and it is basically a hodge podge of advice that families have to sort through over and over again.  And while there is certainly no one-size-fits-all solution to helping our kids succeed, there are some basics that when combined can launch any post-institutionalized child onto a pathway to success. Success in adapting to family life, success in overcoming physical and emotional challenges, and success in becoming the little person that grows stronger year by year.

The webinar: Expectations and Realities: Parenting An Adopted Child with Special Needs, delivers in 50 short minutes everything I've learned about parenting special needs, older, and post-institutionalized kids in the last 17 years.  After working with hundreds of families, raising 5 kids who came to our family from trauma and tough backgrounds, and networking with dozens of professionals. This live presentation (now available as a recorded presenation) will be all about what is available and how to put it all together. Mainly for families who are currently in the trenches of parenting, I expect that  families waiting to adopt can also gain quite a bit. 

We consider all children who have spent time in institutions as being Special Needs.  Families who have had their children home for years and have struggled to identify or improve issues will greatly benefit from this webinar. Families who are newly home with their child will gain tools and insights. Families waiting to adopt can use the information provided to build a proactive plan to parenting. We encourage families attending to understand that while we will be focusing on challenges, we will also be offering hope to those who are "in the trenches" and wondering how to help their child reach their full potential, and their family to thrive during the process.

Who will NOT benefit from attending?
This is not an absolute-beginners course. With limited time, we will be touching only briefly on reasons behind our children's struggles.  There are many other courses and webinars on Adoption Learning Partners that go into greater detail on post institutionalization or "trauma backgrounds".  We will be focusing on very practical solutions and practices that benefit our children who come from difficult beginnings.

Families who have been home for several years with their child, and are experiencing little or no behaviors that they can attribute to post-institutionalization or early deprivation (emotional and developmental delays, cognitive issues, challenging attitudes and behaviors, attachment, diganosis that just doesn't seem to fit), should give their child a hug, pop some popcorn and watch a movie. This presentation is not for you., and that's okay. Stop worrying and just enjoy your child.

Also, families with a child who is demonstrating the most extreme behavioral  issues, such as sexual predatory behavior or violence towards animals will need greater tools than will be offered in this presentation.

The presentation includes a 50 minute talk and PP presenation, 15-30 minutes of questions and answer at the end, and a PDF of resources. View Now

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