RainbowKids affected by Hurricane Katrina

RainbowKids affected by Hurricane Katrina

RainbowKids, headquartered in surburban New Orleans, Louisiana has been effectively shut down due to the effects of Hurricane Katrina.

Martha Osborne, editor-in-chief of RainbowKids, has evacuated with her family, and is safe and staying with family friends in North Louisiana.

Due to Martha's limited availability over the next few weeks, RainbowKids will be publishing an abbreviated September issue.

While Martha is addressing the important life issues surrounding her family and home, John Anderson, RainbowKids' California-based technical director, will be spearheading efforts to continue to provide timely and informative content during this difficult period.

If you were scheduled to have content run in the September issue of RainbowKids, please contact John Anderson as soon as possible at john@rainbowkids.com with the content that you may have previously sent to Martha for publication.

Martha is planning to contact agencies with details about this situation as soon as she is able. In the interim, agencies that have questions or comments regarding their RainbowKids sponsorships should contact John Anderson at john@rainbowkids.com.

All of our prayers are with Martha & her family. We appreciate your continued support, and look forward to continuing to bring you the internet's greatest resource for international adoption information.

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