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Jennifer Wants a Family: A Summer Hosting Story

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  Written by Sarah Hansen on 30 Jun 2016

Update: July 18, 2016  We are thrilled to share that Jennifer has a family!! Thank you for all who advocated for her!!

Editor's note: Hosting is an AMAZING way for familes to connect with children available for adoption. Currently several hosting programs are happening or are scheduled to happen over the summer months. Host families commit to advocate for their host child during this time as well as after the child returns to their country. 

Eleven-year-old Jennifer is currently being hosted in Maryland through Madison Adoption Associates hosting program.  Jennifer is hard of hearing.  She is available for adoption, and her host Mom is eager to share about her with any interested family!  

Let's help beautiful Jennifer find a family!  Please consider sharing her story and together we can all be an advocate for her. Please email Sarah with any questions you may have about this amazing young lady! 

It is safe to say I have met the sweetest girl I have ever met in my life.  This 11-year-old girl left the only place she ever knew, got in a van, got on two planes, flew for over 18 hours, and arrived at a strange place at 2 in the morning.  As we all anxiously awaited our group to come out of those ‘do not enter’ doors in the airport, standing on our tip-toes to catch the first glimpse of them, I spotted her.  She spotted us.  She read our sign that said ‘Welcome’ in Chinese.  She immediately put her arm around her younger travel companion, pointed to us, and in her own way, indicated, ‘that’s them.’

I met up with Jennifer and her host family one week later.  Jennifer’s host Mom gushed as to the sweetness of this girl!  Jennifer interacts beautifully with her 3-year-old and 1-year-old host brothers.  She is kind and gentle with them, and patiently ‘puts up’ with their constant activity and antics.  As her host Mom states, “Jennifer has a smile that will light up a room.”  And, that smile is constantly on her face.  Jennifer finds great joy in helping her host Mom cook, and helping out with other everyday chores.  Jennifer’s host Mom asked her to put a new spice away in the spice cabinet, and next thing you know, Jennifer organized the entire cabinet based on size and color of the spice jars!! 

I got to hang out with Jennifer again at our agency picnic.  Once again, I was struck by this girl.  She knows what she wants, and she has mastered the art of conveying her message, and her wants, so politely and courteously.  She knew she wanted to try some Fritos, so she taps me, points to them, and looks at me waiting for approval.  I help her with her snack, and while she’s enjoying it, she looks at my toenails, then looks at hers, points to them both, and giggles.  I smile back, and nod, “Yes!  We both have pink toenails!”  And there was that smile again. 

Resilience and courage don’t even begin to describe this girl.  Found at six months old on a lone chair in a hospital, to now being across the world and handling herself with such poise, kindness, and grace.  She has taught her host family so much about bravery and love.  To those of us who have met her, we are moved by her charisma, charm, and that light in her eye.  This is a very special girl who has so much to offer a family, and our world.    

Be sure to follow along Jennifer’s hosting journey here!  And please email Sarah with any questions about this unbelievable young lady!




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