Hosting Program 2015

Hosting Program 2015

Hosting – Welcome Home

International Christian Adoptions (ICA) is a statewide, fully licensed agency in California. It is also accredited by the Hague Convention (the highest accountability institution in the world for protecting children).

 What is Welcome Home?

“Welcome Home” is a program developed by ICA with the purpose of providing permanency in a family of orphans worldwide. This is a challenging program for parents and children and has a great success ratio of finding forever families.

Welcome Home began in 1991. From that time, the Welcome Home program has been replicated by many other institutions around the world. ICA’s model is now put into a recognized “Standards of Practice”.

ICA has two Welcome Home programs: Welcome Home USA and Welcome Home International.

We attempt to find forever families for participating children, ages 5-17, who have been orphaned, abandoned, and/or are wards of the state, participate in one of the three versions:

  • Weekend (USA)
  • 1 Week (USA)
  • 3-6 Weeks (International)

Government approval (ie. state or country) is always received ahead of time. During this program, the children and families participate in scheduled activities and at the end of the day the child stays in the host home overnight. Once the program is completed, the children all return to their original homes while the prospective adoptive family prepares all of the paperwork necessary to adopt.

Host Family Information:

Host homes advocate for their host child by trying to find them an adoptive family. Host homes must meet our adoptive family requirements:

  • Must be Married at Least 3 Years
  • Home Study Approved (free)
  • Criminal/Child Abuse Clearances
  • Physically/Psychologically Healthy
  • 20 Hours of Host Parent Training
  • Participate in Fundraising Events
  • Procure Items & Package Hope Paks

Host families must adhere to all ICA policies and procedures as well as provide for the host child during their stay in their home and attend all planned orientations, trainings, and camp events. The host family is also responsible to provide one 50 lb bag of humanitarian aid for their host child to take with them to share with the other children at their orphanage.

What does it cost? 

$2700.  These are travel expenses for the children.  No agency fees for hosting.

ICA requests that the host family provide for their hosted child just like they would their own children. We invite host families to fundraise or seek a “sponsor” among friends, relatives, and others. Other incurred costs may be for training certifications, and criminal and health clearances.Forever Families

Adoption | Host to Adopt

Once a host family or other party has informed ICA Staff of their decision to adopt ICA will contact the family to discuss the specifics of adopting that particular child or children. This is an exciting and important time for the adoptive family, and each case is given special care and attention.

Foster Care: Host, Adopt, Sponsor, Give, and Learn

Welcome Home International

Welcome Home InternationalAges of children: 5-15 years

Welcome Home International is currently cooperating with Latvia and the Philippines. Internationally, there is an estimated 5,760 children that are orphaned everyday with over 14 million children aging out of the systems yearly. These orphaned children are from various countries, and include single children as well as sibling sets. Open your home and heart to save an orphan from a desperate situation.









FREE  Welcome Home USA/1 week program. 

Welcome Home USAAges of children: 6-17 years

Welcome Home USA is a cooperative program with county social services programs in the state of California. Impact one of America’s challenges… foster children. Did you know that there are approximately 513,000 children in foster care nationwide, and only 4% of these children are viewed for permanency. Foster children that participate in Welcome Home are legally adoptable and include single children as well as sibling sets (sibling sets may include younger children). Reach out and become part of sharing in their story and bettering their hopes and dreams.  Many children participating are available for adoption. 

For additonal information contact:

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International Christian Adoptions

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ICA became licensed in 1990…but began long before that. It grew out of a desire to make a difference in the lives of children and families.  ICA became a very unique mission unlike any other “adoption agency”.  Believing strongly in doing all programs for the best interest of children, ICA discovered that the “best interest” may be foster care, residential care or to remain in a well-supported and maintained orphanage.  We simply cannot find a home for all orphans though we must offer many other support services including humanitarian aid, peace trips (working mission trips in U.S. and abroad), counseling services and networking with other organizations so help can be maximized.  ICA became Hague accredited in 2008.

International Christian Adoptions is a:

  • Non-Profit, licensed adoption and foster family agency: providing the adoptive triad (birth parents, adoptive parents, and children) with compassionate and caring services.
  • Foster family agency: providing compassion and relief services to foreign and domestic orphanages as well as, the children in domestic residential facilities. Relief services include goods delivered as well as foreign exchange programs, transition homes and micro businesses.
  • Counseling and support center: providing support groups and counseling services for birth parents, adopted children, adoptive parents, foster children and foster parents. ICA is staffed by qualified, well-trained Christian professionals.
  • Family training center: providing classes to prepare the adoptive and foster families for the special development or emotional challenges that accompany children from institutional care. We provide ongoing support for the adoptive family and the children they are parenting including support groups and pre/post placement.

International Christian Adoptions (ICA) believes in the sanctity of life in that all children born and unborn are valued and uniquely made. Our overriding mission is to offer children:

  • HOPE in the love and compassion of Jesus Christ.
  • HOPE for basic needs.
  • HOPE for an education and bright future.
  • HOPE for a home in a family they can call their own.

This mission is fulfilled through adoption, foster care, humanitarian aid counseling and support.

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