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Black, White and the Cornrow In Between

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  Written by Martha Osborne on 01 Jan 2006

Kids everywhere love doing crafts. To celebrate the holiday season, we have added a fun Cultural Christmas Ornament craft to our growing Cultures Alive area on Children can show their pride and develop a strong sense of self' by participating in cultural activities on a regular basis. This easy-to-do craft can be duplicated for home use, groups and the classroom. It is entirely free and may be reproduced. The craft features the USA flag on one side, and the child's birth country on the other. Both can be colored in, a ribbon added and voila! A lovely ornament has been created. Great for children to give to grandparents and other special people in their lives.

To get started, visit our Cultures Alive area for kids, found in our Free Stuff section of There you will find 14 different countries with activities and this new craft. In addition to the 14 countries listed below, we are developing new areas for other countries as well. Although these fully developed sections are not up yet, we do have Bulgarian Ornaments, Taiwan Ornaments, and Cambodian Ornaments.

Ready to get started? Follow the links below, and let the fun begin! And make sure to check back next month, when we will have fun on-line puzzles for each country, as well as new activities for the Lunar New Year.

China Crafts & Coloring Pages
Korea Crafts & Coloring Pages
Colombia Crafts & Coloring Pages
Mexico Crafts & Coloring Pages
Ethiopia Crafts & Coloring Pages
Philippines Crafts & Coloring Pages
Guatemala Crafts & Coloring Pages
Russia Crafts & Coloring Pages
Haiti Crafts & Coloring Pages
Thailand Crafts & Coloring Pages
India Crafts & Coloring Pages
Ukraine Crafts & Coloring Pages
Kazakhstan Crafts & Coloring Pages
Vietnam Crafts & Coloring Pages

Enjoy this special, free, cultural craft provided by May this joyous holiday season be a blessing to your family.



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