Finding a Forever Family!

Finding a Forever Family!

"Love is when you look into someone's eyes and find everything you need"

His name is Sun.  He is ten months old and has lived his entire life in an orphanage in Inner Mongolia AND he has the most beautiful brown eyes that, like the sun above, radiate a warmth and joy to all in his presense.   

He has been diagnosed with anal atresia and Atrial Septal Defect (ASD) and he receives regular treatment for his anal atresia. He can sit, crawl and roll over. He loves to interact with other children and play with toys. He enjoys his caregivers, and they love him too!

Agape Adoptions only has until August 27 to place him with a family.  PLEASE take a moment to consider adding this darling baby to your family or if now is not the time PLEASE share his profile with someone who might!

There is a $1000 grant available! 

View his Waiting Child Profile (he is listed as Cohen) here or contact Agape Adoptions at 253-987-5804 or to learn more about this adored brown-eyed little man.  




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What our clients say: "I researched adoption options and agencies for nine months before we selected Agape Adoptions. Looking back, I can truly say that I had a wonderful experience with Agape.  The communication was great.  I loved that they handled all of the details for us.  I always knew what was coming next and how long to expect to wait through each step." - R family, China program 2017
What to expect: At Agape Adoptions we believe that unwavering advocacy for waiting children and highly personalized services for adoptive families are necessary for a successful adoption - and we are dedicated to both. Our staff is devoted to ensuring waiting children are placed with a family that is committed to them and their needs. Simultaneously, we provide adoptive families with highly personalized care from our team of experienced professionals and in-depth parent training and education programs. We are a trusted partner for families across the U.S. who are embarking on the life changing journey of adoption. If you're ready to get started, or you just need someone to answer your questions and help you understand your international adoption options, we are ready to help.
The Details: Agape Adoptions is a licensed, fully Hague accredited child placing agency based in Washington state. We work with adoptive families across the U.S., and offer homestudy and post placement services to families in Alaska, Washington and Oregon. Agape currently has programs in China, Bulgaria, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Hong Kong, Romania, and Sri Lanka.
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