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Fall 2017 Colombia Host to Adopt Program

Older Child Adoption Hosting a Child Colombia

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  Written by International Adoption Staff on 12 Apr 2017

Our Fall 2017 Colombia Host-to-Adopt Program is currently accepting applications!

Spence-Chapin and the Foundation for the Assistance of Abandoned Children (FANA) in Colombia are partnering to present this year’s Host-to-Adopt Program. The program is an opportunity for New York City area families to host a child or children in their home for three weeks before finalizing the adoption. Participating children are boys and girls (including sibling groups) ages 11-14, who have expressed an interest in international adoption. Additionally, they've received extensive preparation and support services prior to the hosting period. 

School-age children are the most overly represented population in orphanages worldwide. Currently, close to 8,000 children in Colombia, ages 10 and older, are waiting for a family. The goal of this host-adopt program is simple: to join those older children and sibling groups in need of parents with families who are ready to adopt. 

Our hosting program offers the child not only a voice in their future, but also a choice. The adoption is a process of mutual selection – the family commits to the child, and the child commits to the family. Because of this, the host-to-adopt program has been very effective at making adoptions happen for the children waiting for families! 

 Colombia Fall 2017 Host to Adopt Program Timeline:

 May 15, 2017: Adoption applications are due

  • May – August, 2017: Begin home study and adoption trainings
  • August 2017: Home study must be completed, due at this time to Colombia’s child welfare Central Authority.
  • August – October 2017: Learning about the child or children family is matched with, continuing to prepare for hosting and adoption-related paperwork. Hosting dates will be decided by Colombia and announced during this time.
  • Fall (October or November 2017): Hosting time is 2-3 weeks, supported by bilingual psychologist from adoption house FANA and Spence-Chapin staff
  • December 2017 – June 2018: After hosting period, complete adoption paperwork to move forward with finalizing the adoption, estimate of 6 months though times will vary for families.
  • Summer 2018: Travel to Colombia for approximately 4-6 weeks to finalize the adoption

Interested in learning more? Our adoption team is here to answer your questions. Contact us at or at 212-400-8150.



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