China´s New 2 Child Policy

China´s New 2 Child Policy

While China´s new 2 child policy may be breaking news, experts agree that it will have little to no impact on international adoptions.  

Of course, we all hope and pray that all children will grow up in their original families.  The reality is that this isn't always a possibility.  While this new policy is a celebration for families in China, there remains challenges within the social fabric that cause children to end up spending their childhoods in institutions. 

Often when a  family  has a second child with a cleft lip, or a heart murmur,  or a blood disorder such as hemophilia, the challenges of finding medical care and treatment make it impossible to parent the child. Though heartbreaking, often the only viable option for many of these families will be to abandon the child in hopes of an international adoption, as medical care costs are overwhelming and incomprehensible.

The Sallades family, working with the agency Living Hope, were recently featured on Philadelphia local news to talk about China's new policy:

News story

The new policy is a step in the right direction, however, it is still a restriction.  It is still government enforced family planning.  And, until the medical, educational, and socio-economic systems in China improve, there will always be a need for international adoptive families.  

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