Adoption Blog Focus: Journey to Kristin Grace

Adoption Blog Focus: Journey to Kristin Grace

Our road to Kristen has been a long one so far - over a year already!

It was in October of 2004 that I first saw Kristen's picture on RainbowKids. At the time, we were waiting for Daniel's travel call. Something about her immediately jumped out to me. I thought I was just really wanting Daniel home and once he got home, this feeling I had about this little girl would go away. Plus, she was incredible cute and I felt sure she would not be listed for very long.

Daniel came home at the beginning of November, and was the perfect addition to our family! But something made me keep checking RainbowKids to see if she was still listed. And everytime, she was still there.

Knowing it was still too soon, I contacted the agency she was listed with in January. There was a family considering accepting her referral and I was asked to check back in the spring if she was still listed. So, we prayed that she would find her forever family soon and I tried not to think about it too much.

But, everytime I checked back, her picture was still there. So, in May we called the agency again and talked to the Waiting hild coordinator. We received her file and fell in love with her even more after seeing her video. But we had some big concerns for our family and if adding another child, one with special needs, was right. I needed to have surgery, and before we knew it - the summer was over!

We had requested a new video and received it in September. There were little things in this video that confirmed to us that she would fit right in with Katie and Daniel. We strongly felt God's leading that this little girl belonged with us. We verbally accepted her referral and began to go through the steps to become "paper-ready" to officially accept her referral.

It is now the end of November and we have an updated homestudy - YAY! We are waiting to be fingerprinted and for some government papers from the US before we can accept the referral. I am so antsy! I just want to be official and start counting down the time to travel to get her!

We were able to send a backpack with a photo album of us and some special things to Kristen in Korea. This means so much to me. It was wonderful to be able to pick out some special things that she will know came from her family!

It has been amazing to us to find out how many people have prayed for Kristen to find a family. God has had prayer warriors for her even before we knew about her!

We are so excited to be welcoming another child into our family! Thanks for following our journey!

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