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  Written by Adoptive family for Open Door Adoption Agency on 08 Apr 2016

We felt God calling us to host this sweet sibling pair from Lativa during the Christmas of 2014.  There was some hesitancy as we thought that older orphans had so much baggage, which we weren’t sure we could handle.  Nonetheless, we stepped out in faith and answered God’s call and invited them into our home and our hearts. 

We weren’t necessarily thinking about adoption at the time, but our hearts quickly changed after having them for a week.  They were wonderful, sweet children.  They just wanted to be loved.  They fit into our family so well.  I would liken them to old shoes.  They were just so comfortable and it seemed that they had been with us for years.  We were prepared for issues, so this was a surprise. 

So, we began adoption proceedings in January.  We hosted them again in the summer since we hadn’t gotten the referral and travel dates.  We just didn’t want to miss another opportunity to bond with them as we were missing them terribly.  We spent the summer with them making more memories and building family bonds.  We sadly put them back on the plane and anxiously awaited the call with our referral and travel dates.  It came in September thankfully! 

We spent three weeks in their country with them.  It was an amazing experience.  We were thankful to really get the feel of where they came from.  We said good-bye to siblings that were not available for adoption, which was so hard.  We thought our hearts may just break.  Yet, we were thankful that these two had each other since they had never been separated.  I think it has helped with their adjustment to have each other.  Even though they are typical siblings as our children are, having their moments of not so brotherly or sisterly love, I think it has been a comfort for them to be together. 

We brought them home in October.  They are such sweet children and welcomed the love of family.  The Lord has stretched us and it has been a transition, but the journey has been worth it.  We are so thankful that God gave us the opportunity to be a part of His story by inviting these two to be a part of our family. 

I have asked them a time or two about what they like best about being in America and their reply is “we just love having a family”.  We are far from a perfect family, but I don’t think God is looking for perfect and neither are they.  He’s just looking for willing.  Adoption is at the very heart of God.  What a pleasure it has been to be so close to His heart. 




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