Adopting our Son from Taiwan

Adopting our Son from Taiwan

It's hard to believe almost one year ago we were anxiously preparing to meet our son in Taiwan for the very first time! We had waited for this day for so long. After the adoptions of our two sweet daughters, we were ready to experience the excitement and energy of a son!

We fell in love with our little boy when we received his referral. He was then just 8 weeks old. We began to get to know him in pictures and some short video clips, which we received every month. We were captivated. He had such joy in his heart, such a happy personality...he seemed to reach right out of those pictures. But on October 26th, 2004 we would reach out to him & hold him in our arms and we would never let him go. Words could never describe the joy we felt that day when we arrived in Taiwan to meet him…

It was only a short distance from the child welfare agency to our son's foster home, so we decided to walk with the social worker and translator to meet

our son. It was like a dream. Our daughter Jenna (then 4) traveled with us & was so excited. She could not believe this was finally the day she would meet her brother for the very first time. She walked hand in hand with the social worker...right up ahead of me and her daddy! We walked a couple blocks and turned onto his street. We could see our son from a distance. His foster father

was standing in front of their home holding Shuo-En proudly. This man loved our son with all his heart from the time he was only 8 days old.

Why we had ever once worried about him is beyond me. His foster family loved him unconditionally. He was a treasure to their entire community. Many people

came to witness a miracle that day. Neighbors and friends came to wish our son well and to watch him join his new family forever. It was a day we will never, ever forget. We spent the afternoon learning as much as we could about our son and his first months of life.

He is a typical boy...loves noise, lots of action, and did I mention girls?! We are already in trouble! Our son fills us up with so much pride. He fits into our family like a missing piece of the puzzle. You know, that missing piece you search for and search for? You look everywhere, knowing it is there somewhere, but not quite sure how you will ever find it. Well, we found that missing piece. The joy of a boy is greater than I ever imagined. We are very thankful we found out about New Hope’s Taiwan program.

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Dan, Amy, Jenna (5 - Vietnam), Ashley (4 - Vietnam) and Nicholas Shuo-En (19 months - Taiwan)

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