5 Reasons to Adopt from Nicaragua

5 Reasons to Adopt from Nicaragua

There are many things to consider when choosing a specific country for an international adoption. Many times, families are not even aware that adopting from Nicaragua is an option until they start doing some research on options. Often times, Nicaragua quickly becomes a family’s first choice after learning of the many benefits the program has to offer.

1. The child remains in the family’s care during the entire adoption process.

After receiving a potential match of a child, the family is invited to travel very quickly, usually within 2-3 weeks. Within a day or two of arriving in Nicaragua, the child is placed in the family’s care and remains with them until the adoption is finalized and the family travels home.

2. The long stay in country is more beneficial than you may at first realize.

While 10-20 weeks in country may at first sound a bit overwhelming, it is a great benefit for many reasons. Before enduring the stress of travel, a new home, new environment and lots of excited friends and family the bonding process is well underway; the child will likely be very comfortable and feel safe with the adoptive parents by the time travel home occurs. Additionally, the family will have ample opportunity to learn about Nicaraguan culture, traditions, foods and language in a way that only immersion can teach.

3. There is great consideration for the child’s best interest when matching the child with a family.

Unlike many countries where the matches are made randomly to whichever family is at the top of the “list”, the central authority in Nicaragua, Mi Familia, makes a great effort to find the family that would be the best fit for the child. As an example, one family was matched with a child who needed ongoing physical therapy because one of the adoptive parents was employed as a physical therapist.

4. The weather can’t be beat, and your friends and family and friends are welcome to visit.

In Managua, temperatures average near 80°F every month of the year. June through October experience more rain than the rest of the months, but even during the rainy season there is plenty of opportunity for sunshine. While you are living in Nicaragua it is perfectly acceptable, even encouraged, for family and friends to visit. Family is a very important part of Nicaraguan culture, so it is natural that visitorswould be accepted. Many families have time to experience tourist activities with their visitors; boat rides on Lake Nicaragua, volcano hikes and exploration in beautiful colonial Granada are all popular options.

5. Day to day life is comfortable and relaxed.

Most families stay in a comfortable apartment or condo in a safe neighborhood, and many times have access to a pool. Most days, there are not required appointments or obligations, and families can just enjoy spending time together. Typically, all necessities can be found nearby. Families also have access to our Family Liaison, who is a great help when questions or needs arise.

There are many positive reasons to adopt from Nicaragua. If your family has the flexibility to accommodate the longer stay in country, we urge you to consider Nicaragua!


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