Adoption is a highly personal decision. Every choice to adopt is unique. Every couple and individual has walked a different path in arriving at their decision. However, there are some common themes when it comes to adoption. Here are 10 common reasons why people adopt:

To Overcome Infertility – One of the most common reasons people choose to adopt is because infertility stands in the way of their dreams of having a family. Adoption allows hopeful parents the opportunity to have the family they’ve always wanted.

To Protect Your Health – Even if you do not specifically face infertility issues, conditions such as heart disease or epilepsy may result in your doctor suggesting that pregnancy may not be a good idea. With adoption as an option, such conditions need not stand in the way of your ability to have a family.

Because You Love Caring For Children – For some people, caring for children is in their blood. It’s something that is so deeply ingrained in them, they adopt simply for the love of providing a good life to a child (or many children).

To Balance Population Growth – Some who desire a family find that that desire comes into conflict with their belief that overpopulation is a major global problem. Adoption provides them with an opportunity to fulfill their desire to have a family while also staying true to their beliefs.

To Choose The Sex of Your Child – For couples who desire a child of a certain sex (especially if they’re already tried once or twice and did not have a child of the sex they had hoped for), adoption allows them to expand their family in the way they desire. There is no rolling the dice and hoping for the best; they can adopt a child of the sex they desire without relying on the whims of Mother Nature.

To Avoid Passing Down Genetic Disorders / Diseases – People who wish to have a family but fear passing on genetic disorders they suffer from or that run in their family can do so by adopting. This allows them to experience the joy of having a family without the anxiety of potentially passing on an ailment that runs in the family.

To Help A Child In Need – Some families adopt because they personally know a child in need. Perhaps the child’s was orphaned, or his/her parents cannot care for them (the reasons for this could be one of many, such as addiction). Whatever the reasons, they may choose to adopt a child in order to help lift them from their situation.

To Avoid Pregnancy Complications – Some women are predisposed to having difficult pregnancies, or due to other issues (such as having had multiple cesarean births) may be at risk for a difficult pregnancy. For those women, adoption may be a safer option that gives them greater peace of mind.

To Become Parents – The most simple reason of all, and yet also the most important of all. Many people adopt because they want to become parents. That’s it. They want to share their life with someone, and adopting is their best route to fulfilling that dream.