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Advocate for Ethiopia
The Ethiopian Adoption Program is considered a stable program. There are many agencies licensed to work in Ethiopia, and most do support or directly run the orphanages they work with. Over recent years, many children have joined US families from Ethiopia, including sibling groups, older children, toddlers and older infants.

Children Available: While there are younger children available, there is a great need for families who are open to adopting a sibling group, or a child over the age of 5 years. Families wishing to adopt a younger child will generally wait longer for a referral than those who are more flexible.

Parent Qualifications: Couples up to age 44 years may adopt from Ethiopia. There is some flexibility in age range of parents for those adopting special needs and older children. Families size (large families) is also flexible, though families with 5 or less children currently at home are preferred.

Travel: Families will travel twice to Ethiopia, first to finalize the adoption with the Ethiopian court and second to process the child’s U.S. Visa and bring the child home. Each trip lasts approximately 5-10 days.

Timeline: It may take 18-24 months to complete an adoption from Ethiopia. There are several steps involved, and the timeline can vary.

Tips:To get started, please read the RainbowKids Adoption Guide (left menu) first. The next step is to contact and compare agencies. You may easily do this by using the Contact Wizard on our website. Receiving feedback about agencies from an online discussion group is always helpful as well. Finally, when you bring your child home, be sure and send your story to RainbowKids. We love hearing from proud new families!

To contact all agencies placing children from Ethiopia with just one form, click here
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