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Advocate for Colombia
The Colombian adoption program is considered well-established and stable. In recent years, the Colombia program has actively moved towards advocating for their waiting children. For this reason, the adoption of children under the age of 6 years who have no known medical condition, is not available to US families. It's important to note that there are children under 6 years of age that have a diagnosed special need who are available. In addition, there are many sibling groups that included younger children. As with many international adoption programs, Colombia seeks families for children who are considered 'older' or difficult to place because they are in a sibling group. MANY children who are age 7 years or above, part of a sibling group, or have a special need are waiting.

Children Available: Healthy children over age 7 years. Special needs (both minor and moderate) children of all ages. Sibling groups of all ages.

Parent Qualifications: Single men and women and married couples may adopt from Colombia. Single men may adopt boys who are over 8 years of age, Single women may adopt boys or girls who are over 8 years of age or who have a special medical or developmental needs, No more than one divorce per applicant, Couples should be married a minimum of 1 year at home-study approval, Applicants should be 25 to 55 years of age

Travel: After acceptance of the child assignment, the family travels to Colombia where they will spend a mandatory 5 to 10 day period to bond with the child. This is a Colombian government requirement for all families. After this period, one parent may return to the U.S. while the other stays in Colombia for the rest of the court process. The paperwork to finalize the adoption will then be processed and will take approximately 3 - 7 weeks to complete depending on the city in Colombia where the adoption takes place. The entire process in-country generally requires a 5 - 8 week stay in country.

Timeline: A referral of a child comes within 6-10 months after submission of dossier. For those adopting older or waiting children, the time can be greatly decreased.

To contact all agencies placing children from Colombia with just one form, click here
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