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Advocate for Philippines
An interesting program that is stable and a very good option for those who are patient and/or open to older or special needs children. Most of the children speak English and are in good care facilities. Although few agencies place children from the Philippines, those that do generally have very established programs. Please see our Find an Agency section to locate an agency working in this country.

Children Available: Boys and girls, 3 - 5 years old at placement. Older children and those with special needs may be 2 - 7 years old. The children are of Asian/Malay/Spanish descent, and come from orphanages and foster care throughout the Philippines.

The most common reasons for these children becoming available for adoption are social situations within the family, economic conditions, death of parents or a legal decision.

Parent Qualifications: Couples adopt from the Philippines, but singles are not allowed to adopt anymore . There are no age or family size requirements; however, many individual agencies have their own criteria.

Travel: Travel usually occurs about 3-5 months after acceptance of the referral. Only one parent needs to travel, although it is desirable for both parents to go. All paperwork and processes are completed before arriving in the Philippines. Total travel time is usually 5-7 days.

Timeline: For children 0-5 years of age, referrals occur in approximately 18-24 months after approval by the Intercountry Adoption Board of the Philippines. For couples who are of Philippine heritage, the wait is approximately 12-18 months. For children aged 6 and up or school aged siblings, the wait is 6-18 months. Matching of children for Special Needs (waiting children) by the Intercountry Adoption Board will occur in 1-6 months.

Tips:To get started, please read the RainbowKids Adoption Guide (left menu) first. The next step is to contact and compare agencies. You may easily do this by using the Contact Wizard on our website. Receiving feedback about agencies from an online discussion group is always helpful as well. Finally, when you bring your child home, be sure and send your story to RainbowKids. We love hearing from proud new families!

To contact all agencies placing children from Philippines with just one form, click here
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