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  Written by Dillon International Waiting Child Program on 11 Aug 2015

A note from RainbowKids: We rely on a lot of hope and faith in our advocacy.  We have to do this because some countries restrict the ability to share images so we have to rely solely on words to advocate for the most precious and vulnerable of children.  So, today, we are asking for just a little more than hope and faith.  Today, we are asking for a miracle for this sweet young man.  He is only weeks away from leaving the warmth and comfort of his foster home in Hong Kong and having to make the very difficult transition into a governmental boarding school. He needs a forever family to step forward!  Please read his story below, consider, and SHARE!

We’re praying a miracle will happen for this sweet 10-year-old boy in our Hong Kong Waiting Child Program before September. Unless his forever family is located by then, that’s when he will make the difficult transition from his foster home to a boarding school.

An update we received on him last month indicates that he’s making great progress. He is able to hold conversations and count in English. He’s working hard at his English lessons in order to enhance his chance of being adopted by an American family.

Families from all 50 states may inquire.

This clever, expressive child, whose case number is Di2014-mc01, loves to sing and play with other children. He can throw, catch and kick a ball and his foster family describes him as smart and happy.
He does well in school and is independent in activities of daily living, including self-feeding, dressing, toilet care and bathing.

As a result of severe physical abuse and neglect as a young child, he developed subdural hemorrhages in his brain which led to moderate retardation, cerebral palsy, epilepsy and obstructive hydrocephalus. Surgery and medical interventions have stabilized his health and he is currently described as generally easy to care for.

He continues to make progress in all areas and we’re hoping this adorable boy’s next move will be to the home of a permanent family who can embrace his special needs with loving arms.

If you have specific questions, please email our Waiting Child Coordinator. If you would like to request his medical/social file, you can do so by completing the form below.




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