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Welcome to RainbowKids!                                               

The love, acceptance, and sense of belonging that children experience in healthy families enables them to thrive. Children who lack this nurturing and permanency, who grow up in out-of-family care, frequently fail to thrive and grow into mentally-healthy and strong adults.  Families are essential to children, everywhere. 

RainbowKids began in 1996 as an advocacy resource for special needs and older children who languish in orphanages around the world.  Since that time, it has grown into a network of advocacy and humanitarian organizations that support children and families through united efforts.

RainbowKids is not an adoption agency.  We are the largest central resource linking families, adoption professionals, humanitarian organizations, orphan-care and support missions, and children living outside of family care (commonly called orphans, though this is not always the case).

Since 1996, more than 40,000 children have found families through the advocacy of 

Our advocacy for children is a gift to children and families everywhere. We do we accept donations from families, but encourage those who wish to support vulnerable children to visit our Orphan Care area on RainbowKids.

Article Submissions:

RainbowKids welcomes article submissions on a variety of topics of interest to our readers.

We enjoy hearing from families, who often share their stories of adopting, parenting, and loving a child who entered their family through adoption.

We often publish articles on medical issues, adoptee-perspectives, orphan care, advocacy, and special needs.

If you have an idea for an article, or would like to submit an article for publication, please contact our editorial team at:

Volunteer with RainbowKids

Some people choose to give their time, some their talents, and still others their prayers. We are so grateful to everyone who supports our work. Please see below for some ways you can help.

  • Share Your Story!
  • Become a Child Advocate
  • Join Our Development Team

Advertising on RainbowKids

RainbowKids is completely supported through the generous contributions of participating agencies, as well as sponsored advertising throughout the site.  To inquire about advertising, please send us an inquiry.

About Martha Osborne

Martha Osborne is the founder and Executive Director of the RainbowKids Adoption & Child Welfare website.  Over several decades of advocacy for vulnerable children and orphans, her focus on finding real-world solutions to the growing issue of children living out their childhoods in group homes, foster-care, and orphanages has led to Child Advocacy Model implementation and the collaboration of local, state, and global organizations.

This work has brought together national and international advocacy groups who share the belief that children need to grow up in families. Recognizing that there are no one-size-fits all solutions for children living outside of family care, this network uses various methods to bring hope to children, including strengthening the original (birth) family, providing sponsorships for education and medical needs, advocating for adoption, training care-takers, and educating families.

Martha is an adoptee, and mother to five children who entered her family through adoption at various ages and from difficult beginnings.  With time, love, dedication, therapies, prayer, and a few bumps and struggles along the way, those five children have grown into vibrant young people and adults.  Contact Martha via Email.

Honors and Award: Congressional Angels in Adoption Award, the North American Council on Adoptable Children Friend of Adoption Award (NACAC), Joint Council on International Children’s Service’s Maureen Evan’s Outstanding Service Award, and most recently, the 2014 Gladney Center Friend of Adoption Award


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